Andrew Pertsoulis

“Trader performance coach”

Andrew Pertsoulis

Andrew Pertsoulis

Founder, Andrew Pertsoulis Mentoring Pty Ltd

Sydney / NSW / Australia
Time Zone: UTC/GMT +10 Hours

Andrew is a trader performance coach with 17 years of experience developing traders to optimize mindset and performance habits that bring about financial success. He coaches traders with technical trading skills who want to achieve a lifestyle that creates a six-figure income in twelve months and only 15 minutes per day in front of the charts.

MENTORPATH® CERTIFICATION: New Money Story® Mentor and NeuroMentor® Institute for Peak Performance Coach

COACHING FOCUS: FX Traders (Foreign Exchange Financial Markets)

IDEAL CLIENTS: Traders who have technical trading skill and want to achieve a trader’s lifestyle

Most popular program offering(s:)

  • Financial Markets Trader Performance Coaching Programme©

  • Pip Collectors Club© (an FX community achieving results)

  • 6-Month Accelerated Trader Performance Coaching to build the skills for a trader lifestyle with a six-figure income in twelve months

Availability via: Phone, Virtual, In-Person, Text, Email, WhatsApp

Preferred virtual platform(s): Zoom

Hours of operation: 8am to 6pm UTC/GMT +10 Hours

Payment options: Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal

Favorite word: Performance

Little known fact: I am the best ‘cheerleader’ for others.

Best advice I received: 95% of what we do is driven by our subconscious biases.

Best advice I offer: I will believe in you until you believe in yourself.

Bonus information: Just follow the rules, 95% of traders can’t.” AndrewPertsoulis, Trader Performance Coach