Registry Call Recordings

Call #3: August 1, 2022

Managing extreme success:
Helping clients navigate to and beyond exceptional achievement

Call #4: November 11, 2022

Presentations and discussion of coaching applications for gender, socioeconomic, racial, cultural, and other diversity

Call #1: February 6, 2023

Applications for a basic coaching model with a content specialty and discussion of the coaching/consulting boundary

Call #3: Postponed

Call #2: May 1, 2023

Discussion of systematic knowledge applied to actual coaching conversations

Call #4: November 6, 2023

Hot seat conversations about diverse billing strategies and about improving self-esteem more efficiently for Latina women

Call #1: February 5, 2024

A candid discussion about referral fees and brainstorming session about ways to expand usage of the Registry

Call #2: TBD

A lesson and discussion about the Neuroscience of Decision and its role in coaching.